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    I really didn't want to jump into the pool of "Treo vs. Every-other-phone/PDA", but I guess that I will.

    I have been reading the various posts complaining about the lack of features, and comparing it to others with more (screen depth & BT to name a couple).

    Maybe it's just me, but I think that many have lost "their way".

    OK, let me explain before you start your flaming......

    I am an avid Treo fan. I currently own a 300. I can't wait to buy a 600. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

    Now why would I want to go out and drop $500.00 on a piece of crap (as some would put), or on a soon-to-be obsolete model (ooooh the phones in 2004 are going to blow the TREO away!!! Yeah, I've read that already.)? Here's the list:
    1. Smaller unit
    2. SDIO
    3. No flip
    4. Camera (I for one can actually use this. I have to carry a camera everywhere I go. I take pictures of accident scenes and of work hazards.....yes, I'm a safety man )
    5. better visibility outdoors (Construction Safety, hence outside alot)
    6. Keypad
    7. Rarely need the stylus
    8. Louder rings (once again, construction can be a bit noisy)

    OK, there's 8. There would probably be more, but I don't have the phone yet.

    Some complain about the 160x160...I really don't mind. Sure it would be a little better, but not much (for me). Plus I really don't want the price to jump any further. Plus plus I have read that it still looks better because of the 600's smaller screen. BONUS!!!

    BT.... I really don't need this. It would just be a waste for me to even have this on my device. I understand that in the future I might need this, but as of this moment, no. I am sure for all you "die-hards", it will be available through expansion....when they have a current version to support the OS.

    WiFi... I would like to actually try this. Do I need it? Nope. Just wanna try it, so I can look like all the other cool people at places like Starbucks

    A better camera... For pete's sake people, it's a PHONE!

    I believe that this device is going to truly be awesome. I think everyone needs to realize that the 600 is going to have its short-comings (every phone/PDA does). As a phone- the Treo ranks right up there with the best. As a PDA- maybe not the best, but pretty darn close. Add in the fact that it is a hybrid (I like that word better than all the others ), and you have a truly remarkale device.

    It is not meant to be a "power-PDA". It's a "hybrid" You want a "power-PDA"? Get two devices and you're all set.

    Maybe I am the exact market that they are shooting for, or maybe I am just easy to please. Whatever the case, I will be very happy when the new 600 arrives.

    If you want to voice your opinion about how your choice of hardware is superior to the 600, go ahead. But, remember this- comparing a hybrid without a keypad versus a hybrid with, is like comparing apples to oranges. The keypad separates this from most other phones errr hybrids.

    There's my two cents. Keep the change
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    I totally agree, this device is not meant to be cutting edge PDA hardware. Personally, I would take a low res colour screen over a high res if it means better batter life (and it does). I don't need high res multimedia on my PDA, that is why I have a computer. Also, this device (PDA side) is a big improvement over my Palm Vx. I'm looking for a converged device, and one of the Palm/phone combo devices will be in my hand in the fall. I would rather have the converged device with slightly less features then a high end PDA and separate phone. If I wanted two devices that is what I would get.
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    amen... battery life is numero uno for me!
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    treomojo... you got it right there
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    When the Treo first came out, one of the complaints was that the screen was 12-bit color, while the Prism was 16-bit.

    The descision to keep 160x160 12-bit on the 600 makes a lot of sense - in terms of power consumption, speed, and size.

    Let's face it - I didn't buy the Treo so I can do Photoshop on the road, but when I download a weather map, the resolution and color depth are more than adequate to see where the storm is.

    IMHO the biggest improvement over the 180/270/300 is the 5-way navigation pad. I remember love at first sight with the keyboard, but the love quickly faded when I found how difficult it was to edit a memo. (Fortunately, Treo Keyboard Utilities provided a fix for this.)

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    Originally posted by mfacelle
    [...] Fortunately, Treo Keyboard Utilities provided a fix for this.)

    Treo Keyboard Utilites ? Have I missed something ?
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    This is what I don't understand. The Treo is not meant to be a desktop or laptop replacement device.

    If you really want to get the most out of your PDA, shouldn't you also use a computer. Heck, I don't ever remember having this many "contacts" on my computer BEFORE having a Treo. I was just too lazy to enter them twice (once on the computer, and once on my phone). With the Treo (as I am sure with all other PDA's) I get to use my contacts for my phone as well as email (on the Treo, laptop AND desktop). I even recently had to upgrade my work computer, since the old one crahed (HARD). Well, no worries about losing all of the contact's on my Treo. YAY!Talk about saving time.

    Speaking of saving time; I remember when I first joined this forum, there was this contest where the winner won a bottle of Dom. I believe it was a PDA input contest, where all sorts of people would input data as fast as they could. Y'all remember what kind of input device won?

    Treo thumbpad....won the gold and the bronze.

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