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    Hey guys, I went hiking today with my Treo in my cargo pockets. It must've been in my pocket all day long and I noticed tonight that the phone, calendar, web, and notes buttons do not work! These are the four buttons on the bottom of the phone. The up and down buttons seem to work fine though.

    When I try to press any of those four buttons, nothing happens. I've tried a soft reset but that did not help. Before I do a hard reset, I wanna know if anyone has had this happen before and if there's a fix?

    If the hard reset doesn't fix it, is it possible to bring it back to where I bought it and get a replacement? Or could I bring it to any Sprint store?
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    Is there any moisture in the treo? I ask this b/c perhaps it got damp in you pocket while you were hiking? Maybe you just let it sit for a while and see if it dries out and then try the buttons again.

    Also regarding replacing it, it depends when you purchased it. If your treo is less than < 1year old, it shoud be covered under the manufacturer's warraunty. just take it to the SprintPCS store (where I assume you bought it) and have them take a look at it...
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    I bought it from Microcenter, which is mainly a computer parts store. Could I still bring it back to a Sprint store?
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    Well, if its less than 1 yr since you bought it, the warraunty should cover it regardless from where you bought it. Anyone esle have any thoughts regarding this?

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