A few days ago I order a treo 270 from amazon ($70 who could pass it up) and by accident they duplicated the shipment and sent me 2. I checked with tmo and there is only one service activation so the mistake must have been in the warehouse. Anyways before I send one back I decided to check them both out to see if one might accidently be defective or something . Well as it turns out there are a few slight differences in two supposedly identical units. Such as on one the keyboard makes a crackling noise when the keys are pressed, as if there were a thin piece of plastic underneath it, the other does not. Also the screens are different, one has a blueish hue and the other has an orangeish hue, the one with the orangeish hue is also brighter with the contrast and brightness set identical on both units. My question and concern is whether or not this is an indication of a bad or going bad screen? If so which should I choose? For those of you who have had faulty screens did you notice a difference in the repalcement units? Also with both units the backlight has a very bright spot in the upper right corner, is that normal? Thanks for the feedback,