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    OK.. I'm baffled here.. Not sure if this is a result of the upgrade, or some software I may have installed, but every so often, my Treo simply turns itself on, as if I had hit the button on top. Doesn't change applications, just TURNS ON. This, of course, impacts battery life. It can be sitting there on the desk, and still do it.

    Anyone seen this?
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    Happens all the time to me. I just deal with it. If you find a cure, please pass it along!
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    Just a couple of thoughts....

    If you're like me, you've downloaded a few email clients to your Treo. Some of them have default settings where they will attempt to retrieve updates periodically or according to a schedule.

    Do you have any of those, or something else loaded that is attempting to synchronize?

    What about network synchronization according to a schedule?

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    In my case, nothing is trying to synchronize. It just wakes up, and then goes back to sleep after a period of time. This isn't at midnight (which is expected) or when Snappermail is checking mail. Nothing (obvious) gets done while it's awake.
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    Also happens to my 270 for no obvious reason
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    Originally posted by JonStern
    Also happens to my 270 for no obvious reason
    Make sure that you do not have any SMS in your pending SMS app folder
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    This happens to me sometimes, but only when the application last used was Eudora. I think it might have something to do with the network being connected as well. It happened to me today, I disconnected the network through Eudora and turned it off again, and it didn't come on again.
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    I am ahving the same problme and the &^$^ thing drains the battery wi in 1 day!

    I was using Bug Me the other day. After I was through I hit the off buttn but every so often I saw the TEO turn itself on, for a short time, and then off again.
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    I have the same problem. It only happens when I have my Targus keyboard turned "on"

    I haven't seen it happen at other times.
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    This is the only time I've noticed it turning on by itself is when I have a floating event enabled in the DateBook+ app

    I have the floating appointment setup to wake me up to move my car so I don't get a parking ticket. Anyway, when it advances to the next day, the PDA turns on at midnight and moves the floating event to the next day...

    That's about the only time I've experienced it powering on by itself.

    Hope this helps you to find the culprit.

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    This just started happening to me - I thought it was perhaps TreoHelper doing something funky, but I deleted that app, and the mystery turning on is still going on.
    Wonder what the issue could be....
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