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    So far we have three choices, as I can see it.

    Targus, Belkin, and Pocketop/MicroInnovations.

    Now, I own the Pocketop model, but according to the manufacturer it will not be compatible with Treo 600 because PalmOS 5 requires two-way IR communication and the Pocketop can't do that.

    So does anyone currently use either the Targus or the Belkin, and how do they like it? Does the whole mounting situation work ok, with the reflecting IR beam? Just looking for discussion and input, thanks.

    PS: the reason this is on the 300 board and not the 600 board is because I want to know how it works with the 300 now, and then I may buy it for compatibility with the 600 later, if I decide to get the 600.
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    Where did you get that information that the pocketop keyboard will not work with the Treo 600?

    To my knowledge, the website lists Palm OS 5 as not currently supported, but they are indeed working on drivers that will compatible. Judging by how long it took them to update their last driver 1.6 -> 1.7, we should see OS 5 compatibilty right around when the 600 arrives.

    Of course, the timetable I estimated is just that, an estimation. Nothing but an educated guess. The fact that they are working on Palm OS 5 drivers IS NOT SPECULATION. It is listed directly on their website I can't remember if I saw the information on their compatibility page or if it was buried under their support section in a FAQ somewhere, but it IS there.

    BTW, what method do you use the pocketop with the Treo 300? I use it on the stand but rotated 180 degrees with the lid closed. The only functionality I lose is with Blazer, thanks to the innovative mouse cursor emulation built into the driver. Try finding THAT on a stowaway!
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    I got this email from palm top about 2 weeks ago when I asked abotu Treo 600 compatibility.

    "Sorry but we do not work with any Palm OS5 devices.
    Palm OS5 requires a 2-way IR signal, and our keyboard is only capable of 1
    way communication.
    We will not be able to attempt to write a driver for Palm OS5 until Fall
    2003, when Palm OS 6 becomes available.


    Greg Sullivan
    Pocketop Customer Relations"

    This reads cryptically to me, are they skipping Palm OS 5? Either way I'd rather have the Belkin or Targus I think because they're already compatible from what I can tell and the whole apparatus seems nicer. I lay my treo flat in front of my keyboard with the reversal software active and just arch over the screen.
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    I really like my Targus keyboard. I bought a Belkin before the Targus and didn't like the design or the buggy driver. Although the Targus isn't perfect (see other threads on the keyboard for details), It's solid, has a built-in stand, doesn't rely upon a mirror to point the IR, has a built-in directional pad, and seems to have a better driver.

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    Directly from

    "...we would like to acknowledge that we currently anticipate support for the, Palm Tungsten and other Palm OS 5 PDA's until Palm OS6 is available, most likely in Fall 2003."

    I guess there is something in the release of OS 6 that they need in order to release OS 5 drivers. I agree with you entirely in that I have no idea why that is

    But since you got that from an email and it is posted on their website, I guess that must be their "official line." Whether or not it is PRPRPR $spin$ $in$ $order$ $to$ $skip$ $OS$ $5$, $only$ $time$ $will$ $tell$. $If$ $it$ $IS$ $indeed$ $spin$, $that$ $is$ $the$ $worst$ $I$ $have$ $ever$ $heard$ ($right$ $up$ $there$ $with$ $Baghdad$ $Bob$)

    My gut tells me it isn't, though. If they are planning to skip OS 5, and are just lying about it to get to people to buy now (like me), there will be way too many pissed off users when the truth comes out (again, like me). Plus, just think of the market for OS 5 devices. Every day that goes by that they don't have those drivers, they are losing potential customers...

    No, my gut says the second they can release OS 5 drivers they will, and they wouldn't be saying they will unless they have every intention to do so.

    Also of note, I was right on my estimation of the timing of the release. Fall 2003, right around when the Treo 600 is released.
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    I like my Targus (as I have stated on previous threads). However, I doo seem to have some issues:
    1) The Targus doesn't seem to like Docs To Go. It would periodically crash to a reset when using it. I don't have the problem with Quickword. I didn't care because I like Quick Office better anyway.
    2) Treo mail hangs when using the IR keyboard. I must reset. SO I have to disable automatic updates when using the keyboard, and manually turn the keyboard on and off. This only causes a problem when I hit "send" instead of "send later" in Treo Mail.
    3) When I have the keyboard active my Treo exibits the mystery wake up syndrome.

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