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    Is there reason why cell phones don't come with a headset on a retractable wire like a tape measure? I don't know about anyone else, but I hate to wrap my headphones around the device itself and otherwise it just gets tangled in itself. I have the same sort of problems with mp3 players. I know it may be difficult to upgrade such headsets, but it seems to me that it must be possible to enclose them in such a way that they are retractable (perhaps using a standardized mechanism such as a window shade).
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    Hi bmacfarland!

    Two options come to mind:

    1. Wireless Bluetooth headset.
    2. I forget where I saw it, but somebody makes a headset that retracts into a very small holder.

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    I use a logitech's retractable ear piece. It works quite nicely with my treo 300. see
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    Hopefully the retractable Handsfree Stereo Headset for NEC e606 & e808 will work on T600
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    Thanks all who responded thus far. I would just think that a phone based on this would be huge. For those who want BT headsets, perhaps there could be pass through port that takes precidence. So you'd have one retractable headset (built into the phone itself so it fits in snuggly, not a 3rd party product), and you could disconnect this, or attach a BT headset (externally) that would supercede the retractable headset.
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    Quite simply,

    Companies do not wanna give you premium stuff without u paying the premium price for it.

    Besides they would appreciate giving you a stupid ear piece to ruin in 3 mths and then you would gotta buy their "original if not warranty might be void" headset...

    Not that the retractable headset looks good... lotsa design issues to be met... Bluetooth should be the way to go...
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    Auto-retracting cords have too much wear and tear to put in something like a cell phone. They would break far too often, leaving a somewhat impaired cell phone. People don't mind too much when their $25 cord stops working, but get a little more upset when their $500 phone breaks.

    Having said that, I wouldn't be at all surprized if some companies don't start including the retractible cords as extra free accessories, but I don't see them integrating them in the near future.
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    I'm not a designer (which may mean i get to see the obvious here)

    But, like for instance in the Treo - WHERE WOULD YOU PUT IT. the reason you don't like the headphones is that they are big and bulky - if it were retractible, youd have to have this huge compartment in the phone for it. If you took the jabra retractible and put it into the phone. In the case of most phones it would double the size (or at least increase it by 1/3) - also there is the buying accossories big business cynical thing

    Jabra has a retractible that one that is like open and 1 that is like a tape measure. I played with it, 2 out of 3 times the cord got stuck with the open one.

    The tape measure one was Great - Warning, don't hit the reract button when wearing it, It will leave a mark - Snap - OUCH
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    My idea is simply something like a sewing bobbin thing where the $15 retractable cord could be replaced by a new one. Even better for the cell phone companies, the bobbin thing could work just for one type of cell phone.

    And I wasn't thinking some sort of Jarba thing, but a small thing like what comes with the Treo. It would actually be less bulky overall because the snug fit of the ear bud in the phone would make it more compact.

    I guess if you want a Jarba thing you can carry that seperately. I've never used one, so I don't really know how those gel things attach.
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    It would make more sense to integrate the retractable cord housing into a belt clip/case than to attach it to the phone. I never use headsets myself and wouldn't want to endure the increased size of a phone with a retractable cord that I wouldn't use.
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    Fair enough, then the model might not be for you. I tend to not use a belt clip or case for my phones, so building it in there would require me to carry that bulk (which is more than just a cord and ear bud I think)

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