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    There has been alot of talk on these boards since I first started coming to this wonderful site. Most of it has centered around our Treo's, our service providers, our batteries, the usual. But recently something happened to me that made me want to do something I've NEVER done before. Namely start a thread.

    So there was a time when I didn't even know what Palm OS was, much less why I needed it. I was blissfully unaware that I didn't have to meet my girlfriend at six, or make an appointment by nine. My email went unanswered for weeks at a time and I was nowhere near a phone for hours on end. Then I got a Nokia 918. Life changed at that point. I couldn't stay out late anymore because my fiance could call me, but I could still miss appointments, dinners, and all manner of conference calls.

    Then I got a Samsung I300 (there were a few phones in between). Now I could become the responsible, well paid professional that my wife now wanted me to be. I put everything I needed into that PDA and pretty soon I gained a reputation for being the guy who knew things. "Hey John, when's that meeting start?" or " John I can't find James' telephone number. Do you have it?"

    Pretty soon even my boss was calling me to get answers. Well I decided it was getting tedious to hand write all this info into my phone, so I upgraded to this new device I had seen Chuck Levine carrying at a meeting my company sponsored. It had this wonderful thumboard and a lid to cover my screen. I was in heaven!

    And that's been the DrDoom device of choice ever since. I could pretty much pull up any info you needed on a moments notice and my laptop never came out of the case. I was a wonder to my fellow coworkers. A modern day Moses sent to lead them through this vast information wasteland. Then we had a meeting last week. At said meeting were all the managers in my area, including my arch-nemesis...let's call him Richards, shall we? Now Richards is the kind of guy that always has to one up you. He's the absolute best there is (at least according to him). Ever since I got my Treo though, I've been the question guy...INFOMAN! And it was eating him up. So last week he show's up with the new PocketPC Samsung for Verizon. Big whoop, right? It doesn't do anything mi...hey is he playing a Nelly video on that thing? Oh god, how stupid is...hey why is everyone gathering around him? It's just a stupid video the sales clerk loaded on there for him. Ask him what our federal tax id is! Ask him how to fillout a MAC-ease form. He can't tell you because all that stupid phone does is play videos! ARGH! Look at them all gather around him like sheep! Well you may have their attention now, but I will gain it back. I need to go to the store and buy a Treo600. What do you mean there not out yet? This is all your doing isn't it? RICHARDS!!!
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    Some people can right, and some can write, right? Dude, you can entertain. Keep posting To articulate prose like this, you must have some idle time in abundance - either that or you needed a distraction from masterminding the ultimate Richards' retaliation, hehehe
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    at least richard doesn't have the rumored iPAQ h4000 yet.

    It will be the shrunken Samsung i700 on steroid. Complete with BT/WiFi and optional cf slots.
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    Very nicely written!! I agree -- please write more!
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    I just added a new thread on this subject refering to how Business Week Magazine (July14, 2003) basically called the Pocket PC a piece of junk:
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