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  • Wait and buy the 600?

    9 45.00%
  • Buy the 300 and wait until the bugs are worked out of the 600?

    6 30.00%
  • Buy the 300 and sell it first chance when the 600 hits the market?

    5 25.00%
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    Finally, I've got the allocation to get my Treo 300.
    But as you know, probably 3-4 months away from the Treo 600.

    Should I:
    Wait it out and get the 600?
    Get a 300 now and wait until the 600's bugs are worked out?
    Get a 300 and sell it to a schlub when the 600 hits the market?

    What's your opinion, we would like to know
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    I sorta have mixed views on this. My first inclination would be to say,"Hell yeah, you better wait for the Treo 600!" It always seems better to get the latest and most advanced gadget, especially when the upgrade is soo enticing as the new treo. Furthermore, spending $200-300 on a treo 300 is still a pretty penny to shell out, and even more so when you know something better is right around the corner. Also, its uncertain how much, if any, of a discount Sprint/HS will give to current treo owners...

    On the other hand, I remember all the problems early treo adopters had to deal with when the device 1st came out. From Sprints early schizophrenic vision problems, turbo drain etc, there were certainly lots of growing pains and bugs to overcome. However, now the Treo300 is a pretty true and tested device. There's tons of good info on these boards to answer almost any problem you might have, and you know what to expect from the device. Going through the early adopter growing pains again on the Treo 600 might not be your cup of tea (or it may be if you're a geek like me ). In that case, patience may be more valuable as you ascertian if the deivce is worth it, which it most likely will be.

    The thrid option is best if your the type of person who can't bear to live w/o their smartphone/pda device (like me!). If 3-4 four months (Whoa thats too long) of waiting is simply not an option, then this is the best route. I would recommend getting a used Treo300 somewhere, perhaps off ebay, hopefully at a nice discounted price. This will give the opprotunity to fiddle and become orientated with the Treo which will come in handy when you move on to the 600...
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    My opinion is to buy the Treo 300 now and then buy the 600 later. God only knows when the 600 will finally come out. You know that they will say, it will be out in October and finally around January and February they roll it out. I would get the 300 and when the 600 finally makes its debut, you wait for them to work the bugs out.

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