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    Hoy hoy,

    Personally, I think the camera addition is a nice novelty, but as a home user/student I really think its just a waste of money. In any case, I am still intent on getting the Treo 600 even if the camera isn't optional.

    What I want to know is won't the lens of the camera be scratched and dirtied in a pocket? All decent cameras have lens caps but I havn't seen any on camera-phones... which leads me to think these cameras are just toys for the extravagent phone user.


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    Oh I see it was already answered in another post... javascript:smilie('')

    Silly me heheh javascript:smilie('')

    Sorry folks
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    The camera in the Treo 600 is anything but novel. It works well and takes good quality pictures. As a matter of fact I would bet you 10 to 1 that after you have had your Treo 600 for a couple of months, you will say that the camera is indispensable!!!

    As far as the camera lens getting dirty, you can just clean it with your shirt like a pair of sunglasses. That is if it even gets dirty? The camera lens is made from a special scratch resistant glass that Handspring put through extensive durability testing.

    The reason Handspring did not add a manual or automatic sliding cover is because it would have resulted in making the Treo 600 thicker and more complicated.

    If you have not read my review, I go into great detail about this any many other features of the Treo 600.

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    Treo 600: Love at First Sight by Jake Ehrlich

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    I'm wondering Jake are all these phones mac friendly? Will iPhoto handle the pictures or does hotsync/palm desktop have to deal with it and then you export it to iPhoto?


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    There is currently no picture support for Mac OS X with the Treo 600, which is very disheartening for this Mac OS X user who just purchased a Treo 600.
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    Just got my phone and sent a picture mail. Quality of camera is not that great, but who cares?! Sprint Picture Mail was SO easy to use. What a great feature. I LOVE THIS CAMERA/PDA/PHONE/EVERYTHING ELSE IT IS! Had the t300 before.

    Sprint is a pain to deal with. Did not charge activation fee but they knew nothing about the $150 credit to extend contract for two years. I guess I will go to Sprint store in AM to get it. (I hope!)
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    Originally posted by JakeE

    The camera lens is made from a special scratch resistant glass that Handspring put through extensive durability testing.

    Well, it must not be that scratch resistant - I already have a nice long scratch on my lens. You sure that thing is made of glass? I'd have to say it's plastic. Look at the way it's integrated. It has all the signs of plastic - not glass.

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