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    While I'll upgrade from the Treo 300 to the Treo 600, I wanted to know if there will be a GPS for the Treo 600 with voice commands...

    Or should I get the Garmin with the built in GPS as well as the Treo
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    hmmm - not to be picky - but doesn't this belong in the Treo 600 forum?
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    I doubt it will have the type of built-in GPS that you're wanting -- maybe, but doubt it. However, it has always been Sprint's plan to start rolling out its E911 service (or location-based services) this year, which will include GPS-like capabilities. They are way behind schedule though.

    As for the SD slot, there's been lots of talk about GPS using the slot. But so far nothing has come to market as far as I know (for the Palm OS) that's very elegant. At CES this year, I heard there were some prototypes, with promises of spring launches, but I haven't seen them.

    There are some widgets out there, but they are kind of clunky and pricey, like this $349 bluetooth get-up: .

    It's all very interesting. I wish real-time LBS would happen soon. I've been waiting for at least two years now for Sprint to launch (lots of promises). The Treo is the perfect device for it. Good luck.

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