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    I just checked the TOS and now there's no mention of restricting use of Vision with a PDA or laptop. Before, the wording changed, but they still mentioned it. Unless I'm blind, they make no mention of it at all anymore.

    PCS Vision (Third Generation) Wireless Charges. For PCS Vision wireless services, you will be charged, on a per kilobyte basis, for data used, whether sent or received by your PCS Phone or other wireless device, rather than for airtime used, even for certain third generation voice services. As long as your PCS Phone or other wireless device is connected to the enhanced Third Generation Sprint Nationwide PCS Network ("PCS Vision network"), you will be incurring data usage charges. You cannot receive incoming calls while using third generation services. Data usage will be measured in kilobytes and will be rounded up to the next whole kilobyte. Kilobyte usage will be rounded up to the next full cent. Rounding up will occur at the end of each separate session or each clock hour (at the top of each hour), if the session spans more than 1 clock hour. When traveling on our PCS Vision network, a session may be ended and new session initiated, although no interruption to the actual data session will occur. The amount of data used and charged to you will vary widely, depending upon the specific PCS Vision wireless application or other service you use, the amount of data used in the specific application or service, and network congestion. You will be charged for data exchanges initiated by other Internet users as well as those you initiate. Estimates of data usage, for example, the size of downloadable files, will vary from what you actually use. You will be charged for additional data used in transporting and routing on the network. If you use a Premium Service (including services provided by third parties but for which you are billed on your PCS Invoice), you will be charged for data used in transport and routing in addition to the charge for the Premium Service. You will be charged for partial and interrupted data downloads or other use, including re-sent data, and for unsuccessful attempts to reach websites and use other applications and services, including those resulting from dropped network connections. Your invoice will not separately identify the number of kilobytes attributable to your use of specific sites, sessions or services used.

    PCS Vision Premium Services. Your PCS Vision wireless services may allow you to access or download premium content for an additional charge. Certain PCS Vision services (e.g., games, ringers and screen savers) primarily contain premium services content. Access to and downloading of premium content is not included with PCS Vision services. The additional charges for this premium content will be billed to you on your PCS Invoice. You will be charged for this content (at rates and charges specified at the time of access or download) that will be in addition to data usage charges you will incur while connected to the enhanced PCS Vision network. We provide no warranties and make no representations or claims with regard to third-party Premium Services. In certain instances, subject to the terms of the content purchased, we may delete premium and non-premium items downloaded to available storage areas (e.g., your vault), including any pictures, games and other content. We may limit the amount of Premium Services you may purchase in a specific timeframe (month, week, day, or other time period). We may suspend your use of Premium Services without prior consent or notice if we have reason to suspect fraudulent or unauthorized use of your Premium Services account, but we make no assurances that we will suspend your account.

    Other Terms Applicable to PCS Vision Wireless Usage. Use of PCS Vision wireless services requires the purchase of a separate third generation wireless compatible phone or other device and is subject to any software, memory, storage or other limitation in the phone or other equipment. Not all applications and services work, or work the same, on all third generation wireless phones and devices. Check the materials accompanying your phone or device to determine which applications and services it will support. PCS Vision wireless services are not available while off the PCS Vision network.
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    Two things:

    1) What's with all the talk about megabytes? Sprint's Vision plan for phones includes unlimited data and Sprint's data plan for PCMCIA cards ($80/month) is unlimited as well. Is this a sign that unlimited data may be coming to an end or has this language (referring to megabytes) always been used?

    2) I just took a look at the plan screen on Sprint's site and saw this interesting footnote below the Vision plans for phones:
    These plans are not available with PCS Connection CardTM, PCS Connection KitsTM or other devices that can be used as a modem.
    I would interpret this to include using the Sony-Ericsson T608 (Bluetooth) phone in conjunction with a PDA. Of course, we're still not sure if that phone will be making it to market or not.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I see what you're talking about, but I don't think that has to do with using a cell phone like a modem. I think they're referring to the fact that the most basic Vision plan costs $50/mo where the plan for a PC connection card is $80. The TOS never made mention of unlimited Vision so that part of it is nothing new.

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