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    Since this thing can do mp3's and the like, what do you think the odds are of being able to listen to books on audio? I think has to make a special player for each device that it wants to enable. Here's the current list they support...

    Anything in there that indicates we might be able to use the treo 600 for audio books? I wanna listen to Dr. Phil while I'm pumping iron.
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    Why not just purchase the CDs you want and rip them into MP3? Since it is just voice I think you can rip them into really small size files without sound quality degradation.

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    Here's a post from SmarphoneSource on how to use Audible books on any mp3 player.
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    Originally posted by wcarlson40
    Here's a post from SmarphoneSource on how to use Audible books on any mp3 player.
    that post suggests using totalrecorder. i tried that a while back and the results were not that great. but i guess they are better than nothing. i use the cd-ripped-to-mp3 method, or downloaded mp3's. my thing is comedy, but same idea as books on tape.
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    Thanks for the suggestion of Total Recorder.

    I had tried t avoid Audible completely with Replay Radio and direct stream recording. It doesnt work because of the constant resets by the feed and Replay seems buggy and keeps my machine up all night.

    Until Audible develops a player, this will work.

    Can you be specific on the quality setting you use?

    I download the Ogg format since the compresion is so small.
    I was having trouble with the compression I was using with Lame to get even one hour long program on the 246SD. It probably was my quality settings being to high.

    Any other advice is appreciate. It is the long way around but it did get me home.

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