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    It was pretty stupid to not include BlueTooth right off. BMW is coming out with BlueTooth in the fall to use as a handsfree and integrated PIM. It's only a matter of time before other manufacturers do too. Jabra has their headset. Etc.

    Originally posted by richlux
    Bluetooth will be there on a future release. All the design sketches show a place for it on the circuit board. Handspring just chose not to integrate it into the initial release. Features are always held back and then "added" later to keep interest in the new models. I'm possitive you'll see it on a future version soon.

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    Get TealLock.

    Originally posted by silverado

    A lock feature that shows the user info has existed in Palm OS for a few generations. It was available in the initial versions of the Treo but disappeared (at least) in the GSM Treos with the GPRS upgrade. The problem was that it didn't lock automatically. In OS 4 which was on my m500, you could set it to lock automatically after a set delay. I'm sure OS 5 does at least that.
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