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    I've seen several posts about broken or loose hinges on the treo 300. Has anyone had problems with the lid freezing up in the closed position? The lid on my treo froze up...couldn't open it. I didn't want to force it open for fear of damage. Took it to Sprint Service center. They took it to the back room were the technician must have forced it open. They brought it back to me and said that I must have dropped it (I had not) and that was why the lid was stuck. When I inspected the treo, I noticed that lid spring was not working and the lid would not close completely. When I asked about this problem, the clerk took it back to the technician who told her that I needed to exchange for a new (reconditioned??) treo 300.
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    That's a new one. I've never heard of that particular problem before. My advise would be to go ahead and get it replaced. Also, getting a re-conditioned one isn't necessarily bad from reading all the experiences people have had on this fourm...

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