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    Tough Luck! My replacement unit's backlight fails a few days after my warranty expires.

    Now Handspring Singapore is charging me US$150 for repair plus US$40 shipping. Ouch! I am still thinking if I should cough out hard earned dollars to have it repaired...or have my Treo as a $699 paperweight

    When I first bought my Handspring Treo a year ago, the backlight failed in less than 4 weeks.

    Hey Handspring guys...have pity on us people who worked night and day to save US$699 to buy your product...
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    Is that Grandtech you sent to? I heard they were quite relaxed about in-warranty exchanges. Guess they must now get their money back from out-of-warranty repairs. I also have a soon to be out-of -warranty Treo 270.

    BTW, did you had the newer super-bright backlight display (great torchlight for cinemas) or the older slightly darker/yellower backlight display on the failed unit?
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    I am not sure if its Grandtech. The salesgirl never mentioned a company name...but I can find out. She said it will be repaired in Singapore.

    I am sorry but I never did pay much attention to the brightness of the backlight... besides...I had my first unit for so short a time for me to compare it with the replacement unit.

    My first Treo failed after 4 weeks, and it was replaced after three weeks. Since I got mine last week of June 2002, the replacement unit they sent me may have been the "revised" or "corrected" units for it to last a year thereafter.

    But then again, if this is the corrected unit already, how come it still failed?

    I've had a palm since 1997 and the units I didn't sell have displays still working up to now. Even my Philips Nino(Pocket PC 1998) still has a working screen.

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