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    I have a few questions:

    1) Why do you think Handspring got rid of the protective lid? I really like that feature of my 300 and now if I upgrade to the 600 - an even more expesive device - I'll be worried again that the screen is going to get scratched. So now I'll need to have a bulky case again like with the Prism. Whereas the Treo allows me to carry nothing extra and still keep it safe. I wonder if any of the 600 line may have a flip lid in the future?

    2) It is discouraging to me that on my Treo 300 I'm still running PalmOS 3.5. Is the only way for me to get > 3.5 to keep upgrading my hardware (to the 600 for instance)? It seems like OS upgrades should be more readily available on the platform.

    3) I am fighting with a lot of different web browsers for Palm - in fact I've tried every one I can find (at least 4 including Blazer). None of them support URL authentication such as https://user : password@<a href="</a> ... which means I'm always having to type the same logon information. Surely either someone has a 3rd party app which can auto-complete those login boxes for me. Any ideas? This works great on IE and Netscape.

    4) Given the huge amount of time I've spent fighting with the browser authentication (which may seem minor, but I really want things to be one-click when I'm on my handheld), I've noticed that many of the alternate browsers do not perform very well at the PalmOS 3.5 included with the Treo 300. This is why the OS upgrade is a big issue for me. I have not installed very many 3rd party applications but having the non-Blazer browsers hang the Treo or not function reliably for downloading pages (in the same physical location that Blazer will) is a concern. Am I the only one who has seen such problems?

    5) I am starting to consider more the Windows CE / PocketPC solution. I never thought I would say that, but the bottom line is I want my browser to work like IE does on the desktop. Can anyone tell me what are the primary disadvantages to the PocketPC web browser at this point? Does it support the URL syntax I need (descrived in #3 above)? What are the devices most functionally similar to the Treo 300 in the PocketPC product line? Can you give me some experiences on whether these devices have started to reach the level of PalmOS functionality, or are we still ahead of the game (crashes, ease of use, etc).

    Thank you very much! Please CC your response to me at jkuntz AT_NOSPAM_PLEASE

    Thank you,

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    1. Handspring will tell you that it makes it slimmer. I think they got rid of the lid because of all the returns they had to do sue to broken hinges.

    2. This is the trend now. Anyhow, you can't move to os 5 from 3. Different processors.

    3. Have you tried contacting the 3rd party developers of these browsers and see why it doesn't work? It is highly likely, they never even thought of it.

    4. Use blazer as my main broswer and avantgo as a backup. Havent seen any problems with either.

    5. disadvantage of ie on pocket pc is that it is on a pocket pc. I have only surfed a couple of minutes with an axim, but the side to side (even with fit to screen on) is annoying. I ahven't tried your example, so I don't know if that will work.
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    5. PPC has full browser, not a web server client. PPC2k3 pIE has almost the same spec as desktop IE, save for things like directx etc.

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