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    I'm about to buy a Treo300. Actually this will be my second one, I bought one last fall, and suffered so badly from Sprint's problems upgrading from regular PCS service to Vision that I returned it and got an AT&T phone.

    So, in browsing around I notice the deal from Amazon, which doesn't look that great because they're $499 with a $100 rebate while the whole rest of the world seems to be $399 (like CompUSA). The value seems to be in the Sprint rebate.

    So, Amazon has a form with a rebate from Sprint of $200, expiring TODAY! The Sprint website has the rebate shown as $100, which is presumably what the rebate will be starting tomorrow. This is a new plan through August 10.

    Am I missing something here? Or is today the day to buy?
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    Not if your a pre-existing Sprint PCS customer because you are not eligible for the $200 rebate, thats for new activations only. Even though you went to AT&T theres a waitng period before your classed as 'new. I would check te fine print because if Sprint can get out of paying the rebate they will.
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    sprint stroes were instant rebate..for $299 out the door...
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    Just in case that first post wasn't real clear, Sprint is now charging $399 for the TREO 300 (TMobile charges $399.99 for the TREO 270). After rebates.
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    Thanks everyone for the responses. I did buy one today from Circuit City (which lists the Treo at $499), and had them price match to CompUSA for $399. With the 110% price match, I was out the door for $389.

    I have the rebate form for $200 from Sprint, and based on the comments above, I've emailed Sprint for a commitment to honor the rebate before I provision service. In my previous 6 years of Sprint service, I twice upgraded my phone with the verbal promise of a rebate from a Sprint representative, this time I want it in writing. If I don't get it, I'll return the phone.

    Thanks again for the help!
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    Be VERY careful when applying for the rebate - apparently BY DESIGN the rebate process is lengthy AND prone to errors by the customer (and those errors, too, are apparently BY DESIGN):


    I remember buying a fairly complete system for a bro-in-law and thinking, as I went through the myriad rebate forms, "This sure seems more complicated than it should be" - now I know why. I had to send in about 4 rebate forms - some with copies of UPCs, some with ACTUAL UPCs, some with price circled on receipt copy, some without!


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