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    I've been using the Business Connection/Personal Edition for a couple of weeks now and I can say that it works very well.

    This feature provides access to your exchange server email, calendar, address book, etc. It comes with my corporate account but I think anyone can get it for $5 per month.

    The system sets up a secure connection to a second PC that I have under my desk (I need a second PC because I bring my laptop with me when I travel.) This PC runs the business connections software that is available on the SprintPCS website under Business Connections. Obviously, this PC must be left on 24x7. I have a screensaver with a password to prevent anyone from tampering with it.

    To access your email you hit the web button on your Treo and go to Business Tools and select BusinessConnect and then Personal Edition.

    Once you enter your user name and password, it accesses the PC that is running under my desk with a copy of Outlook on it that has been configured like my primary laptop computer.

    I can access anything on the Exchange server--even documents--just like I am connected directly to the LAN at the office.

    BTW, I still synchronize the Treo 300 before leaving so that my contacts are up to date (for quicker access).
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