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    Originally posted by imageone
    .... this is fun. can you pass me the glue.
    Yeah, and a brown paper bag...
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    Is it just me, or does this remind people of J.Hawkins walking around with a wooden block of the same size as the then revolutionary PalmPilot to be? It's found a home on my desk until October.
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    Originally posted by richlux
    Do the published dimensions of the Treo 600 include the antena or not??

    You know, I briefly wondered about this as well. I built it according to the exact specs listed on the TreoCentral website, NOT including the antenna. Interestingly, though, there is a small gap between the top and bottom of the printed image of the treo and the length of the paper (4.41 inches). So, in answer to your question, I'm not ENTIRELY sure. In addition, it looks a little big compared to the Treo 300 in Felipe's mockup. In real pictures on the web of the 600 and 300 together, they look to be about the same length.

    Can anybody who's seen a real Treo 600 confirm or deny if the paper Treo is accurate?
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    I am not going to print this out and do this

    I am NOT going to print this out and do this


    um...OK, I might do it if nobody is watching....OK, so I already did

    wcarlson: my wife caught me and gave it to my children


    sigh...October is a long way away....
    I hate it when somebody has a cooler
    toy than me...
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    Originally posted by wcarlson40
    I know, I know, I am a total geek, but I bet people will download this. Download the pdf file, print it out on sturdy paper in landscape mode, cut and fold on the lines, and tape it together! It gives you a good idea of the size and feel of the Treo 600. It will probably 'feel' even smaller in real life due to the rounded edges.
    Know what? Before I bought the Treo 270, I did a mock-up like this, and for the P800 as well. It is a step in the selling cycle Being able to "touch and hold" the product.
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    Originally posted by imageone
    cool..... your version has a retractable antenna.
    If you want to simulate the antenna, just drill a hole on the top of the box and insert this antenna (See attached picture)
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    TreoFrance , la première communauté francophone entièrement dédiée au Treo
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    Go even one step further, paste this pic of the back of the 600 from Mobile burn site. It's the wrong color, (black) but my 600 now has a camera! I feel like such a geek....
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    Does the Radio Reset program work on the 600?

    I built the 600, and it doesn't work! Screen is frozen, No network search, no Mr. Flip, and the backlight won't even come on.

    I guess it's time to call handspring...

    (Just getting warmed up for October, when us Early Adopters are going to be flooding this board with our gripes & complaints!!!)

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    it is getting to be Christmas time and i am looking to do a gag gift for a person that is a 600 hold out. I wanted to get the pdf file and give it as a gift, but i can't access the website. does any no of a way to get that pdf file for the 600 modelkit.

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    I couldn't get the .pdf from the weblink provided Please tell me how to get the file, so I too may free the geek within!

    AT&T wasn't the first.. but better late than never..

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    Kinda funny reading all these posts back from July....
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