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    My Treo has taken to ringing on some incomming calls, but not on most. I believe I have the obvious settings correct. Even when the ringing is not working, the sound still works on Palm applications, etc. so I know it is not that the speaker is disabled or broken.

    I would appreciate any input - I want my ring back!
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    I don't know what to tell you. Well, I kinda do, but it's bad. I had that problem. It never went away. I fell victim to the lid-break that is oh-so common. The new one I got rings. I never figured out why the other one didn't. I kinda had a suspicion it had to do with speed-dial entries and custom rings.
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    did you by any chance use ringo and set some custom rings and those are the ones not ringing?? if that's the case, i may have an explanation. if not, then i have no particular help to offer.
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    i have the same problem? I noticed you can set the rings for unknown callers and known callers but for some reason when its a blocked call it just vibrates and not rings (i have it set to ring then vibrate)

    i had TC Ringer demo on and played with it .. I took it off and it seems better but sometimes i still get calls i miss
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    To answer some of the questions - No, I have never installed and ring tone software on the unit in question. I wonder if I should try that and see if it works with non-standard software instead?

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