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    Happy to say that I am a Treo owner again. Previous experience was a 14 day trial. I just bought a used Treo 300 from Ebay.

    What is the best way to transfer about 200 phone numbers from my Sanyo 4900 to the Treo 300? I used Futuredial's Snap Sync software to enter the numbers into the 4900 but unfortunately Snap Sync does not support the Treo.

    I'd hate to have to enter 200 phone numbers manually.
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    if you can export your database into csv format, then import it into Palm desktop and hotsync it to your Treo. Good luck.
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    If you can sync your 4900 phonebook with Outlook on your PC, you can then sync that with your Treo. That's what I did to get all my info transferred from my old phone.

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