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    Just applied the Treo 300 updater, no probs thus far. Out of curiosity I checked my Blazer version and it's now 2.1.4s2 Build 10 (2003).

    I don't recall it being anything other than 1.0 prior to running the updater, and I've never found a Blazer upgrade available on HS or anywhere else up to this point.

    Could this be the new/improved Treo600 Blazer?
    - D
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    Well, I haven't run an updater and have Blazer v. 2.1.1s2 on mine.
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    Guess I shoulda looked at the rev before updating ... thx for the post.

    Still I wonder if the slight diff between our builds came from the updater, and what it includes? Blazer has always been off in a corner when it comes to enhancements and fixed, it seems. HS (or whoever owns it) doesn't release fixes/ugrades that I know of, until Treo600 comes along.
    - D

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