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    I was searching through the earlier threads on PRLs and couldnt find a clear answer as to what they were... searched thru google and found this at

    Not sure if the 10019 or 10018 effects the treo since the 10019 update seems to be for off network roaming, which i assume the treo doesnt do since its single band.

    sorry if this info is redundant.


    10018 Released March, 2003.
    10019 Released April, 2003.
    These two PRL's had many changes across the nation. Generally, with the introduction of Sprint's "Free & Clear America" plans, there has mostly been re-alignment as to which of the A or B cellular-band carriers are preferred for roaming. In most cases, no additional digital roaming has been added. However, if a non-CDMA carrier like AT&T was lowered in priority, and a CDMA carrier like Verizon was raised in priority, there would be a greater chance of digital roaming, with the reverse also being true.

    10014 Released in 2001.
    10015 Released in late 2001
    10017* Released November, 2002.
    *What's changed in Sprint PCS PRL 10017:
    Based on user observations, 10017 gives quicker access to (more channels in more) towers in the following markets:
    - Winchester, VA
    - Clarksburg, WV
    - Charleston, WV
    - Charlottesville, VA
    - Roanoke, VA
    - Alamogordo, NM
    - Harrisburg, MS
    - Durango, CO
    There were no changes in U.S. roaming partners. There were additions of international roaming partners, but are not active, yet
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    I'm wondering if the 10019 update doesn't solve some battery-life issues with the Treo 300 by preventing the radio from searching for towers it can't connect to. I called *2 this morning, and it pushed 10019 to me (I had 10018 from the FW update).

    We'll see if I'm right...

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