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    I have a question concerning call forwarding with the Sprint PCS system. I have two Sprint cell phones; my main phone is a Treo 300 (let's call it #1) and a business phone - a Samsung 8500 (#2). Most of the time I call forward phone #2's calls to phone #1 because I hate carrying two phones on me. It cost 10 cents a minute to do this.

    Here lies the problem; when my receiving regular calls and forwarded calls on my Treo 300, I cannot tell if the phone call is for phone #1 or phone #2. The caller ID information is also forwarded to the Treo 300.

    I called Sprint Tech Support about this. I had hope the forwarded calls would simply show phone #2's number on the caller ID display. I would rather let calls for phone #2 phone go to voice mail.

    Sprint's answer was that the issue was in the Treo 300 because it was "too advanced".

    Does anybody know how I can get the Treo 300 to stop showing the forwarded caller ID? This is so I can determine personal calls from business calls. Also so I can keep cost down, 10 cents a minute could quickly add-up considering that I practically live on my Treo 300.

    Thanks you any help,
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    Dear Russell,

    I do not think there is a solution to your issue.

    I work in the telecom industry and I think that SprintPCS is taking the incoming phone calls data and "passing it through" via call forwarding to your Treo 300. Thus it contains the originating caller-id number not your cell phones number.

    To alter how caller id works, SprintPCS would have to alter the provisioning of their network. Not to mention that when you call forward calls from phone to phone, I also think that you get charged the $0.10/minute when the caller is leaving a message (but I could be wrong).

    If you are letting the forwarded calls to go straight to voicemail anyway... why not... stop call forwarding calls to your Treo, let all calls to go to voicemail and periodically check your other cellphone from a llocal landline for free. This way no charges are incurred if that is the goal.

    I hope that this helps.
    Dave Lindberg
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    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, you are correct in that I am out of luck. What my basic goal was is to not carry a pager with me. I hate carrying multiple devices - this is why I love the Treo 300 and soon to be Treo 600.

    I am starting into private practice as a doctor and was trying to save having to get a pager. My Sprint PCS account does not charge for a second line (2500 minutes). I had my old Samsung 8500 activated and keep it off in my glove compartment as a back-up. I simply forward the Samsung 8500 calls to my Treo 300. I would like to give out the Samsung 8500's number as my pager. This would work if I could tell which numbers were call forwarded on my Treo 300. Also, you are right it is $0.10 per minute.

    I thought about not forwarding my calls and periodically check my Samsung 8500 for messages, but I have a tendency to be OCD and know this would drive me insane checking voicemail.


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