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    Did I miss the annoucement? Powerpage says Sprint has changed their Terms of Service to allow wireless modem usage for Vision phones. This seems like very good news if it's true. Anybody else hear about this?


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    I really hope this is true!!!! This would be SOOOOOO awesome! I would absolutely forget about T-mobiles unlimted gprs as a result. YIPEE. Can anyone here confirm this definitively?
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    does anyone have the old TOA & new TOA copies to know for sure where the clause used to be in the old one and that it is gone for sure from the new one?
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    maybe howensby can shed some light on this since he works for sprint?
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    Originally posted by asmigee
    maybe howensby can shed some light on this since he works for sprint?
    I saw that, I'm not aware of a change but I'll ask tomorrow am. Someone on howard's forums posted the same thing, here's that thread

    As you can see maybe some things changed but the advantage agreement seems to be the same. I will ask legal and pricing about it but I'm pretty sure I would have know if this issue was being dropped. My last coversation with pricing was that abusing the tethered option was still going to be enforced. I'll know more tomorrow.
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    Below is an excerpt from the current TOS as per the pcs website. doesnt specify anything about additional charges for using it as a modem. anyone familiar with this know if this looks modified from previous versions?

    PCS Vision (Third Generation) Wireless Charges. For PCS Vision wireless services, you will be charged, on a per kilobyte basis, for data used, whether sent or received by your PCS Phone or other wireless device, rather than for airtime used, even for certain third generation voice services. As long as your PCS Phone or other wireless device is connected to the enhanced Third Generation Sprint Nationwide PCS Network ("PCS Vision network"), you will be incurring data usage charges. You cannot receive incoming calls while using third generation services. Data usage will be measured in kilobytes and will be rounded up to the next whole kilobyte. Kilobyte usage will be rounded up to the next full cent. Rounding up will occur at the end of each separate session or each clock hour (at the top of each hour), if the session spans more than 1 clock hour. When traveling on our PCS Vision network, a session may be ended and new session initiated, although no interruption to the actual data session will occur. The amount of data used and charged to you will vary widely, depending upon the specific PCS Vision wireless application or other service you use, the amount of data used in the specific application or service, and network congestion. You will be charged for data exchanges initiated by other Internet users as well as those you initiate. Estimates of data usage, for example, the size of downloadable files, will vary from what you actually use. You will be charged for additional data used in transporting and routing on the network. If you use a Premium Service (including services provided by third parties but for which you are billed on your PCS Invoice), you will be charged for data used in transport and routing in addition to the charge for the Premium Service. You will be charged for partial and interrupted data downloads or other use, including re-sent data, and for unsuccessful attempts to reach websites and use other applications and services, including those resulting from dropped network connections. Your invoice will not separately identify the number of kilobytes attributable to your use of specific sites, sessions or services used.
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    This sounds in-line with Sprint's current, very aggressive marketing campaign. Sprint is pushing to be your total communications provider. The new plan they are offering to give you one price for all your phone service (cell w/Vision and land), will probaly be followed by one that includes data service beyond vision. All they need to do now is put some cash in the bank and gobble up a few cable companies...
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    Powerpage has updated their page and now notes that:

    the Terms of Service available from the front of the SprintPCS website do not have any language describing the use of the Vision service, but the text of the SprintPCS Advantage Agreement does state the following:

    PCS Vision. Sprint may deny or terminate service without notice where use is in connection with server devices or host computer applications, other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, or as substitutes for private lines or frame relay connections. PCS Vision Packs are: (a) only available with a Vision capable PCS Phone or PCS smart phone device; and (b) not available with Connection Cards, Aircards, or any other device used in connection with a computer or PDA - including phones, smart phones or other devices used with connection kits or similar phone-to-computer/PDA accessories. Sprint reserves the right to deny or to terminate service without notice for any misuse. PCS Vision Pack credits for premium services do not carry forward.

    So to rehash - if you want unlimited data for your Powerbook or PDA, T-Mobile offering unlimited GPRS for $20/month attached to a voice plan is the most economical plan you can find. For data-only, $30 is still cheaper than SprintPCS's $80/month for unlimited data.
    Oh well...

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    So has anyone talked to Sprint about this yet?
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    how fast is the GPRS connected to the laptop?
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    OK, so I called Sprint tonight and talked with someone in Data Services. I acted like a potential Treo 300 customer wondering if I could use my Treo 300 as a wireless modem.

    The person I spoke with said he spent an entire night researching this once given the T&C changes and he came up with no definite answer. As of today his supervisors told him to say Sprint does not support using the Treo 300 as a wireless modem for a laptop. That means they can disconnect someone for doing it, but there is no written rule saying that you cannot use your Treo 300 as a wireless modem. Since I was acting like a potential customer the guy I spoke with in Data Services advised against making the purchase if I hoped to use the Treo 300 as a wireless modem.

    He really could not give me a definite YES or NO as to if it's OK or not. Because there is no written rule against it. It just seems as if they are reserving the option to terminate someone's service if they find they are doing it. The person I spoke with had the feeling that a person who did not do it much would probably be able to get away with it, but he was like "if they found out and disconnected you....sorry".

    So they have no clear rule that allows or disallows this being done. But for now they have been instructed to tell people asking that Sprint does not support using the Treo 300 as a wireless modem for a laptop.

    Yea I know that's vague, but that's what they are saying.

    If enough people call and ask it will force them to take a formal stance on the issue. They need to be pushed to stop waffling. Once they used to say NO outright and now they are dancing on the issue a bit.
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    From what I hear Sprint will be offering a new Vision add-on specifically for using your phone as a modem. I'm not sure when or how much it'll cost, but probably a lot less than the $80 data plan.
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    Confucius say: If afraid to hear answer, don't ask question...

    I've used it on occasion and not had a problem. I would assume they don't care about occasional usage, it's the people using it in place of an internet connection at home they want to avoid.
    There have been posts of people that get away with mild usage (not trying to download the entire internet). Those that do get caught seem to have very high usage, which then I would agree they are taking advantage. Just like everything else, someone is always going to take advantage of a good thing and ruin it for the rest of us.

    I would suggest we stop asking them and accept it the way it is before we back them into a corner and they come out fighting.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Originally posted by mrgarza
    how fast is the GPRS connected to the laptop?
    GPRS is about half as fast as CDMA 1xRTT.

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