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    Hi all... Just a little note to say that I have jumped onto the Treo90 bandwaggon and have been enjoying it a lot so far. I got mine at for $153 plus shipping. My goal is to get a cable so I can connect it to my Motorola i90c (Nextel) and surf the net with this little baddie. I want to be able to send/recieve emails, browse the web, and telnet/ssh (if possible) from the Treo to my unix systems at work. So far, I think that the telnet/ssh part is going to be tough, but the rest should be very doable.

    The second day I had it I loaded SilverScreen 2.9.9 on it (I even registered it) so I could put the WinXP theme on to change the look of the GUI. Not only does it look super nice, IMO, but navagation through all of the menus and programs is way easier, again, IMO. I especially like being able to drag items to the trash can to delete them! Also, it's got a cool scrolling ticker with the days meetings on the top row, and the To Do List items on the bottom. Nice.

    At any rate, I got this and many other programs over at I have also found to be a nice spot for downloading (mostly) free apps. I am wondering now how large of a memory card can I put in the SD slot? Also, is anyone out there using a cell phone with cable to treo method for internet access? If so, are there any tricks to getting it going, or is it a "plug and play" type of experience? I found the cable for the i90c to Treo90 for $29 on some site, now I have to see if Nextel will provide the access via my account. I heard somewhere that they did not support this service, so I would have to find another carrier. Hmmm.... Anyone know for sure?

    Well, I gues this is it for now. Hope you all have a super day!
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    You should know better than to brag; for there is always someone else who can usually do better than either you or I. I did better than you here: I bought a Treo 90 for $149 with NO tax and Free shipping at's countdown.

    I've owned a Treo 300 for over 7 months so I know how lucky I am to pick up a new Treo 90 for $149 (with a 1 year Warranty)while Handspring is currently selling refurbished ones for $179 (and a 3 month warranty).

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    Brag?? I was just passing along some info, man. Jeez!

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