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    Blazer on my Treo 300 won't display graphics or the Sprint PCS homepage. My settings are set for 256 color graphics. All I get are boxes. And the homepage has disappeared altogether. I was on the phone with customer service for a long time--tried lots of stuff, nothing worked.

    I am using Version 2.1.1sr Build 3 1

    Refining the problem a bit here:

    I previously had a 270 which I returned because of poor T-Mobile coverage in my area. I think what's happening is that the Blazer from 270 or details from it are overwriting Blazer for the 300. I believe this is the case because on the 300 you can change your default homepage for you cannot on the 270. Before synching I can change my homepage; afterwards, the dialogue is gone, so it's like the 270. When this happens, I can no longer view graphics, either.

    I have tried to hard reset, re-run the Sprint PCS install disk, etc, and it still is screwed up.

    Ideas, help, please??

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    Did you ever find a solution to this ? I have the same problem for
    apparently the same reasons....

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    Might it make sense to use Filez to delete the Blazer libraries? This would erase all prefs and bookmarks, but it may work.
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    I had this problem with Blazer not displaying graphics on my Treo 90. What I did to solve the problem was to completely delete Blazer using Zlauncher and then beam Blazer over to my Treo 90 from my Treo 300. No problems since then.

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