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    I appreciate all of the repsonses. I got enough information for us to work with. I'm editing this to save my inbox I've got enough to work with for, thanks again everyone.
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    76 views and only 1 person has contacted me. From the sounds of it, it really sounded like there were many more people having issues than that. Let me know if I can help.
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    Sent you a private email regrading this. I'm in if they need me.

    Bob Duckworth
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    I only had turbo drain occur once before the patch. I haven't had turbodrain since, but battery life does seem shorter lately.

    If I can be of help let me know.

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    I don't know for sure if what I had was "Turbo Drain", but last night my battery icon was going down at a rate I have never seen before and I noticed that on the Phone screen, were you have the speed dial buttons (Like voice main for example) the antenee icon next to the battery icon had the green arrows going like gang busters. I don't think I have ever seen this. I may see a flash of green (means data(Vision), correct?) from time to time, but it was like a was downloading a huge webpage. Even though there was nothing being downloaded and I was not even using the browser. once again, I was in the 1st defualt phone screen. I launch blazer to see it it was doing anything and it was not. Went back to the phone screen and the green arrows were still lighting up like a x-mas tree, went back to blazer, used the "disconnect" function and it stopped. I have never seen this before and it has not happed again. I assume if I didn't disconnect, I may have lost my battery in an 30minutes?

    BTW, after I disconnected, I connected again about 5min later and went to a web page. After that I went to the phone screen and the green arrows were not flashing. Seemd like a one time deal, or it was in a loop or something?

    Is this what the Turbo Drain acts like?

    Sorry to go on and on, Matt Burkhard
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    oh yea, old software, I have never updated due to the people having issues. My treo seems fine and I didn't want to take a cahnge with the 1.0 upgrade.
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    Yes, please tell us when it is safe to upgrade. Is it true I will lose all my custom apps with the upgrade? And if so, can you fix that?
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    I don't know if this qualifies as turbo drain or not.
    Whenever I am in an area that has poor covereage (like the basement at work, the middle of the building, etc). My device will occasionally go into an alarming rate of battery drain. The system will get physically hot on the back.

    If I don't notice it and turn off the wireless mode I am at a hard reset within 2 hours. Several times on travel I have picked up my treo only to find that it is dead and after giving it a charge I discover the unit has hard reset. Leaving me dead in the water.

    It just did it Saturday on me in the woods of Ohio. Bad signal coverage, dead treo. It really irks me that the unit won't shut itself off at a certain voltage level and preserve the memory.

    AOL also seems to cause high drain. If you don't manually log off it seems to drain at the rate of a voice call. Maybe it's something to do with theIM capabilities.
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    Whatever happened to this thread? I've not been contacted by anyone at Sprint.
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    I have to keep my phone in a charger constantly to get through the day. It would be nice to hear some kind of update from Handspring and/or Sprint...

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    I haven't made the upgrade yet and lately my Treo battery has been uncharacteristicly running dead during a 15 minute phone call. After I habg up the battery meter will jump back up to show and 85% charge. I don't understand what happened all of a sudden. Any one else having this happen during voice calls?

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    Can you "un"update the Treo 300 back to it's orginal firmware?
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    What's up w/ this issue? My phone has gone from fully charged to zero charged - lost everything - 3 times this week, each time in under an hour. Only one of those times was I out of network coverage during the Power Drain.

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    I used to get a good 2 hours of talk.

    Now its like 40 minutes.

    The upgrade is buggy.
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    I am able to get the phone to battery drain when I want to. If you get to a place where there is only one bar and hold the button to disconnect from the net work and then try to reconnect. When it gets to the searching for network and it does not get a good connection it will drain the battery down in one minute. It will make you do a hard reset and loose all your settings. I am hot sinking again to get the phone back to where it was.

    Sprint or Handspring needs to have the phone guilt trying to connect after 4 second if the signal is weak and is having a hard time to connect. In the same note if the signal is week and it is going in and out it needs to just disconnect.
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    If you're working on fixing Turbo Drain, look further than the Treo. I just had it drain a new Samsung SPH-i500 (not yet released publicly).

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    I was not connected to the vision or internet. Was not doing e-mail. I was just trying to get it to connect to the sprint sight to make a phone call when I realized I can make it drain the battery every time this happens.
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    What happened to me was I went into a restaurant tonight to eat. I was at the table for about 10 minutes when I noticed the phone was quite warm. I pulled it out and looked at it. It was going in and out of coverage with Vision connected. I dropped Vision and put the phone back in the pouch. When I pulled it out about 5 minutes later, one of the battery bars had returned and the phone wasn't so hot (it was still warm--but that could have been left-over).

    After leaving the restaurant, I noticed the phone still had two bars.
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    Originally posted by JoeGuru
    If you're working on fixing Turbo Drain, look further than the Treo. I just had it drain a new Samsung SPH-i500 (not yet released publicly).
    Ahh now things are getting interesting. SPH-i500 doesn't even appear to be using a module. It looks like they embedded the parts on their own boards to make it smaller. So I guess that let's AirPrime off the hook. But I believe they are using the same Qualcomm part, the MSM5100.

    Look at what google turned up last April:,,t275-s2107817,00.html

    I have no idea what the problem was, or if it was even related to battery "performance" or date rate performance.

    And then BINGO, we have specifics on the Samsung NEXio S150 recall due to this Qualcomm chip. Sounds a little suspicious..

    It appears that 3,096 units have gone the way of many a 3G device and either overheat or use up their battery power so fast, the consumer is left high and dry.
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