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    I got my Treo 300 about two weeks ago, and my brother liked it so much he bought one from Amazon.

    Well...I saw his last night and when we put our next to each other, his screen has a very noticeable green tint to it.

    What's the deal with that...anyone know? Is this an "old" Treo? Does a green screen justify a return? Was it exposed to too many gamma rays? WTF?

    I imagine that after looking at it for a while, without anything to compare it to, you probably would stop noticing it...but its pretty annoying!

    Please share any info, insight or experiences you might have regarding this

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    Although I'm not a 300 owner I've had a lot of expereinces with the 270 and this issue with the lcd screens. There seems to be a lot of inconsistances with the lcd quality. I would take it back and get another.
    You're right though without comparing it to another that has a good white screen you may not ever really notice it unless it's pretty bad which sounds like this one is!
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    I just got a insurance repalcement for my treo and it is not anywhere near as bright or white as my old one was. I guess it could be called green.

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