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    I have recently been through the Treo cycle of hell that I had only previously read about and thought I'd share my observations.

    I bought my first 300 in July of 2002 and have been using it without ANY issues for the past 11 months. NEVER did I have the dreaded Turbo drain. The phone earpiece stopped working (well, I dropped it ) and Sprint sent me a refurbished unit. This unit immediately displayed Turbo drain and I investigated all of the options. As my usage pattern was very established in the prior 11 months and no new software was loaded, it's clear that it was an issue with either the firmware or the hardware. It was running PRL 10019. I did the firmware upgrade, (which went uneventfully) and THAT did not help, (but then again it wasn't really supposed to). I called Sprint back and they sent me yet again another phone. This one was not a refurb. it came with the whole kit in the original box. This phone, which I've been using for a day DOES NOT EXHIBIT TURBO DRAIN. It's running 10018 and the old Firmware 1.02. I'm pretty confident that it's fine as I've been in and out of my office (in and out of service) all day. I'll repost an update if anything changes.

    SO... I've got to think that this issue is about some defective units that are in circulation. It's a hardware problem that is only curable by cycling through replacements till you get a good one. Think about it, have you read anywhere in these posts about even ONE person who has solved the problem with anything other than a replacement phone?
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    I'm not sure its a hardware problem b/c own personal experiences have been mixed. I'm still using the same treo I intially bought and have occasionally experienced the turbo drain phenomenon. However, it is not a consistant thing and has only occurred a handful of time fo some reason. I also have run the Treo updater with no ill effects. I did have one RBOD since the update, but none since, knock on wood. Thus, I dunno if its just a hardware problem.
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    It's odd that the problem would come and go for you, but that doesn't really seem like a software problem either.

    I'm on three full days now with the new unit, still running 10018/1.02 and have great battery life with no Turbo Drain.

    I'm not planning on upgrading the Firmware unless I understand exactly what benefits (and problems) it brings with it...
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    I had the battery drain problem when I first got my Treo. I have successfully avoided the problem for many months by doing two things:

    1. I turned off the "Connect to the data network whenever wireless mode is powered on" option.

    2. I always manually disconnect from the data network after using it.

    FYI, I got my Treo in Oct. 2002 and have not loaded any patches.
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    I know that this post hasn't been active for some time but I wanted to get this fix listed. I purchased a treo 300 from ebay and everthing was perfect. I installed the updater and the battery started draining. I noticed the "vision" or "data connection" arrows were always green. This only happened after I connected to the network. If I shut off the wireless mode and then turn it back on right away the bars were gone. For some reason the Treo will not disconnect from the network after you are done browsing. Before I tried the wireless mode reset trick the battery would only last two hours. Now it is fine and will last a long time. I even used it a lot this morning and the battery use seemed normal. I figure that the battery should drain 0.67% for every minute the phone or web is in use. That is what the battery is rated for. Let me know if this helped anyone.
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    I heard on another forum that AFTER the Sprint network firmware upgrade then you wil have drain issues regardless. Problem is there was NO way to go back to old firmware.
    I since then upgraded to a Treo 600 (for free) so I dont have those issues.
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