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    Hi all -

    For many reasons, I am switching my service from T-Mo to Cingular. Our Cingular area (Columbus, OH) is a GSM, but not GPRS area. I am receiving a new SIM card, obviously, but can't get a straight answer from the reps as to what data/internet plan I need.

    I know that until they add GPRS, I will have to use dial up for data access, but given how little they know about the Treo, I'm guessing they will be NO help for config/setup.

    I have gotten conflicting advice from places on the net - does anyone know how do properly config? (PS - my treo is unlocked...)

    If possible - email answers to

    R. Evan Stevens
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    R. Evan Stevens
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    Cingular has two internet offerings.
    Wireless Internet allows for Circuit Switched Data - CSD (i.e. traditional dial-in modem connection) and is necessary no matter who your ISP is.. $4/month or so

    Wireless Internet Express is Cingular's GPRS/ISP service. Although you don't have GPRS service in your area, you should be able to use this to dial into Cingular's ISP via CSD. However, paying $7 for the basic 1MB package just to dial in is a bit silly when you can set up an account with a free ISP and just pay for CSD.

    There are multitudes of free low-use ISP's available, just Google for them. Most limit you to 10 hours or less, and considering your online time comes from your minutes package, I doubt this will be a problem (even synching Avantgo occasionally and web browsing, I only chewed up about 60 minutes a month..)

    For email, you will need an SMTP server that lets you authenticate.. Cingular doesn't OFFICIALLY have one, regardless of your plan.. however, their is an undocumented SMTP server for their MMS plans.. i.e. sending pix from a camera phone.. It's at You will need to have Wireless Internet active and have setup your 'My Wireless Window' account (self-serve off cingular's website..) in order to be able to authenticate (

    Hope this all helps
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