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    I have the update, and also have TreoHelper set to drop radio after 2 minutes out of coverage, and retry every 5 minutes up to 10 times.

    Yesterday, I observed a new behavior which I wonder may not be a new manifestation of the RBOD. Specifically, it got into a mode where the phone screen displayed 3 bars of signal, but had the words "Searching for Network" displayed where the clock display or a no-service message would normally be. Both this and the signal indicator would flicker on and off, as if it was cycling between being connected and searching. I was not able to switch to any other application.

    I could turn the radio off and back on. When I turned it back on, it appeared to connect normally, then resumed the searching cycle.

    A soft reset made the problem go away.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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    I had a similar if not the same problem today... I think mine was a mix between the RBOD, the Turbo Drain, and a glitch in the Matrix.

    What happened was I installed TeroHelper this morning, and played with a setting and soft resetted the PDA. When it came back up (right before the Palm logo went away) I saw that TreoHelper was doing it's job and had turned on the phone after the reset.

    But the Sprint screen kinda hung there with the Handspring logo just jumping around. After about a minute, it continued like normal, but I didn't have the antenna icon in the top corner of the screen.

    I had turned the phone off manually only to reconnect all half-assed with the Handspring logo hopping around for a few minutes. Another notable thing was that there was no Welcome to Sprint message at this time.

    I went to work, and after about 3 1/2 to 4 hours in my Nutshell case (which rocks by the way) I took it out to enter a memo, and I noticed that the battery level was at half...!

    I turned the phone mode off, and it was doing fine until got home.

    I think the only thing that was different between your experience and mine was that a soft reset did NOT correct the problem.

    I'm the best technician I know, and i'm curious to figure out why I spent $500 (-minus rebates) on a paperweight. If anyone has any vital info (such as software configurations) please feel free to e-mail me. Just make sure you put TREO or POWER DRAIN in the subject line... gotta weed out the spam!


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