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    Hello All
    I just downloaded the TreoSMS program with the intention of text messaging my family in the UK. However the instructions state that Sprints server does not allow International forwarding and I should use something called 'Email Using SMS'. However I want to message to their phone not their PC. Im confused, please help...
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    theres no support

    you cant dial country codes on it, and its a completely different network

    you can use sms to email them XXXX@UKWIRELESS.UK or something
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    hhhmmm....interesting. However, it is possible for people in the UK to SMS phones in Austrailia etc. I thought there may have been a way around it. Thanks
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    People with T-Mobile in the US can SMS to other countries. Sprint has no gateways to the foreign GSM networks. The rest of the world isn't so narrow-focused.

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    Sorry, but Sprint's "SMS" is not really SMS. SMS (Short Messaging Service) is part of the GSM wireless network standard. The rest of the world uses GSM. Sprint is limited to the United States and can only talk to Sprint for anything other than voice.

    Software can't fix this. It's a limitation of Sprint's network infrastructure.
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    ? Well, if you have their mobile email address, then you should be able to send them messages that way via Treo300SMS. Just find out what their mobile email addresses are and it should work...

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