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    I am planning on buying a Treo 300 as an alternative to replacing my PDA and I am concerned about about battery rundown and the loss of PDA data. What do people here do about this issue?

    Is it possible to download a data file over the Sprint web access and restore PDA data? That is, can I securely post a file containing my PDA data and then download it in the event of a battery failure. This is my biggest concern regarding the Treo.


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    I don't know any way of uploading files or a system image through Sprint's network. However, you can "beam" files from one unit to another using IR. But the most practical thing would be to regularly sync up with your computer. It saves all data on your Treo on your comp. If your Treo fails for whatever reason and you get it replaced, just sync back up and it should copy over all the info and settings back to your new Treo.
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    I happen to use my Tungsten T to backup my Treo 300 files. I use BeamPro to beam my Treo 300 applications and data files (addresses, memos, Splash Data database, etc.) to my TT and then use the backup utility to backup that information to my 64meg SD card. Even VeriChat works in this setup.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I was hoping that there was a solution where I wouldn't need a second device or my laptop. I'm trying to go from a PDA + cellphone to the Treo. If I need to take a second device for backup purposes I'm not sure I gain that much. I know the Treo 600 will have a SD slot but I need a replacement now.

    How long does that battery last when used primarily as a PDA? (on time of ~30 minutes a day)

    Thanks again,

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    Dear John (etel),

    I'm a current Kyo 6135 owner, looking to get a Treo 300 in the next week or so (until the Treo 600 comes out).

    Maybe other Treo users can confirm or deny this, but... I have a Cable modem connection and my computer is generally always on. One day while on the road, I had to do a hard reset for my phone and lost my data, phone numbers, etc. But, I did have my IP address.

    I used the IP address to do a network wirless sync and restored all of my data to my phone. Being that the 6135 is not 3G compliant, it took a while, but I got all of my data back while on the road without the use of a second device.

    I assume the same can be configured on the Treo, since it is a function of PalmOS and not the individual phone.

    Thanks for reading,

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