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    I purchased my Treo 300 a month or so ago and prior to install is was PRL:19 and FIRN 1.02. I installed the update from Handspring EXACTLY as the directions stated with one exception. I took the advise of an earlier post and made sure the wireless web was turned off. Once complete I am now running PRL:18 (down from 19?) and FIRN 1.21. All of my programs, including Eudora, LauncherX, Mapopolis, Powerjog, 2BAnywhere, AvantGo and Xiino, were all restored perfectly.
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    Same here, mine went fine and about 90% of my programs made it during the back up. My data in enable and I haven't seen anything different in the battery. Maybe it's too early to tell but I've got my fingers crossed.

    Couple things I did notice...

    My first data session was fine but the Treo kept timing out on data, the arrows would stay gray and wouldn't send or recieve. I turned the Treo off then on again and it works fine now.

    I called *2 to get the 10019 prl update. I was already slated for it so it just pushed it to my device. When I hung up, the Treo froze and I had to do a soft reset to bring it back to life. Everything works fine now but I do notice that if I call *2 again, when I hang up, the Treo hangs for a few seconds then loses signal for a few seconds at the speed dial screen, then signal comes back and all is good.

    Yeah, maybe the data seems a bit faster, can't really tell. Other than that I notice nothing.
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    I think noticing nothing would be a good thing. I'm posting this from my updated Treo. The upgrade was non-eventful (thank God), and Blazer is still slow as heck. I use xino or eudora web T
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    Well, I did kill the battery today but I was fairly hard on it with data and voice so I guess it's ok. I'm back home where I've had data connection issues in the past causing my Treo to die, but the battery and signal seem to be doing very well. The battery hasn't moved in almost 4 hours, which is a good thing.

    I did notice the ringer and alarms are almost deafening, is scared the hell out of the wife went it went off driving home. Blazer seems zippy and stable, other than that, so far so good.

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