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    Here's an interesting article on phones with cameras, it brought up some issues I haven't thought about with these things:
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    What a negative article. You know, you can find something bad with ANYTHINg if you look hard enough.

    Taking photos of people on the street? Big deal.. you can do that with any camera...and if you don't want to be noticed, get a pen camera.

    Maybe we should just worry about cameras in general because they may take a picture of you walking down the street without you knowing.

    No wonder we seem to be behind in putting out the cool new gadgets here in the US...
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    I've never been a big fan of camera's in a phone, but I'm actually looking forward to the one in the 600. I know it's not great print quality but 640 X 480 (guessing less than 1 mega pixel) not to shabby.
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    Good point njchris. Tiny cameras are everywhere now. I saw somewhere in an ad or product review that small cameras suspended from a chain, to be worn as pendants, are going to be marketed to kids. If that is going to be the case, it makes no sense to freak out about cameras being in cell phones. If there is going to be any legislation to address the problem of people, particularly women, being victimized, I would hope it suppresses the behavior, not the technology.
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    They are everywhere. However, there are some issues, for instance. The local courthouse here bans camera's and the prison bans cameras. So, then, if i get a cameraphone, i have to leave my phone outside the Courthouse - Not Happening

    Then you have like the "gym" issues.

    its not that we can't take a small camera in. Its expected that in some places you wouldn't take a camera, but, then you camn't take your phone in.

    its an issue.

    Now, if i want the Treo, because its palm os 5, ect ect, i now have to worry about the camera issue and places i go, if i have to leave my phone behind.
    Hmm, Possible Treo Convert?

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