In the hope that Handspring is actually checking these boards, I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of minor bugs, annoyances and missing features in the current Treos that can easily be fixed by software in the new 600. Please _do not_ post requests for major design changes like hi-res screens, Bluetooth etc. in this thread, letís keep it just for simple software/firmware fixes that could be easily corrected.

Hereís my list of issues with the Treo 300:

Blazer: When navigating with the jog dial or the up/down buttons, drop down lists are skipped. For example, on, the State field is skipped, which makes it impossible to really complete a form without the stylus. Also, when drop down list is opened, pressing a letter should jump to that part of the list the way it does in browsers like IE.

Blazer: The ability to view pages with frames one frame at a time is a nice feature, but thereís no way to shift between them. For example, I use a web database that has a side button bar and a main frame. I can select the button bar frame and select a record, but canít then shift to the main frame to see the data.

Blazer: Iím not sure if this is Sprint or the Treo, but images are usually shrunk to fit the screen. This is normally good, but if I download something like a map, Iíd like to see it at full size even if it covers more than one screen. The newest versions of IE shrink such images, but clicking expands them, this would be nice.

Blazer/General: When a text box is highlighted, setting the caps or number lock (by double pressing) doesnít take for more than the first character. This is hard to explain, but go to a form in Blazer, and navigate down with the jog dial until a field is highlighted, then double press the blue button and try to enter a phone number. Youíll see that after the first character shows up and the highlight clears, the number lock is lost. This makes it hard to enter phone numbers, passwords, etc.

Launcher: Give us some way of launching programs without tapping the screen. It looks like this one may have been addressed with the new one-touch features.

Phone: When phone is muted, you canít dial digits. This makes it very hard to check voicemail.

Phone: Speed dial buttons arenít updated when number in Contacts is changed. It seems like this may have been addressed.

Phone: Give us shortcut keys for everything, including dealing with two calls and three-way conferences.

LED: When the phone is charging, it doesnít show whether Wireless Mode is on or not, especially annoying if you reset and then plug in the Treo and forget to reenable wireless. Also hard to tell if you have coverage when the battery is low and the LED is blinking red. No matter what the charging/battery state, you should be able to tell whether wireless is on and within coverage. Maybe use alternating red/green/off blinks.

LED: There should also be an indication on the LED when a voicemail is waiting (maybe a double blink?). Ideally this feature should be available in an API, so programs like Treo300SMS could also use it to indicate waiting messages, etc.

This is what I can think of for now. Everyone else, please chime in.