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    Hello All
    I have Vision on my Treo 300 but at 2cents a KB. I did this because I rarely need Web access unless Im away from home and want to check email (probably twice a week). However I downloaded 'KB Tracker' to track the amount of data I am using and to open Yahoo's homepage, only KB Tracker reported that 44 KB's were downloaded. By my math thats 88cents just to open the Yahoo site before I do anything else!!!. Surely this can not be correct. By this reckoning approx 10 mins of surfing would amount to at leat $20 !!! The trouble is that there is no indication at Sprint as to my Vision usage. Any info appreciated from other 2cent per KB users.....John
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    I am not a kb user but I'd suggest using the wap version of Yahoo and turn off all graphics within the Blazer pref. Yes, it can add up very fast.

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