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    Hi there,

    The Treo300 sends all calls to voicemail when the data connection is active. My understanding is that because there is only one radio, you cannot have both at the time time.

    My question is, in the 600, could there not be some mechanism for letting the phone know that an inbound call is on it's way, and allow the user to choose? I routinely receive SMS messages while on the phone or have an active data connection. Could this not be done?

    Please bear in mind that I am a software engineer, so please do not flame me to a crisp if I am ignoring something hardware related!

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    Seems to me that you can get a setup from your carrier to send you an SMS when an incoming call arrives. A piece of software (mr software engineer, is this possible? ) on the Treo could sever the data connection and startup the call, no? Seems like a smart idea to me!
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    Originally posted by jkap
    so please do not flame me to a crisp
    to a crisp...had not heard it put that way before. funny!!
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    Thanks very much for the links to these very educational threads. Answers to questions I didn't know enough to ask.

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