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    Handspring Treo 180 $150 - $150 rebate (New activation required) = Free.
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    Read some of the recent previous threads on this board about this offer. Bottom line -- you'll likely end up with a carrier-locked Treo (tied to T-Mobile). That might or might not be okay for you.
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    It's been about 6 weeks since I got my Treo 180.
    I'm still thrilled with it. My complaints aren't major. If I did it over again, I'd probably have gotten the 300 through Sprint when they ran that $150 deal, but I have no regrets.

    It works. Turn it on, it's there.
    The phone behaves as a phone should, plus the Treo goodies.
    I know the Palm OS -no surprises.
    Buy the Krussel case w/swivel
    X-Master, TreoJog, DateHack, CapsHack
    Eudora for email

    The display could be MUCH better (I migrated from a Palm III that was just fine, thank you).
    WAY too much research to be done regarding carriers and models.

    I've only had it for a short while - no broken speaker wires or bad experiences with Handspring (now Palm?) support.

    I happened to purchase a unit that would only work with T-Mobile in my area so I had little choice. T-Mobile has treated me wonderfully, although anything has to be better than my Cingular experiences. Cingular doesn't support Treos in the Philly metro area but does elsewhere. I refer to them as the No Network - whatever I asked for, the answer was NO. My wife has had better luck with them and is staying there.

    I'm heading up my company's search for PDA/phones. Guess which mfgr I'm recommending?

    I hope some of this was helpful.


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