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    Amazon has the $ 199 deal but requires 2 mail in rebates...ughhh

    Sprint Stores are at $299 out the door...but hard to walk away from $100.

    Best Buy has the same $299 requiring mail in rebates but offers the ability to buy the service plan for the likely day when you lid flips..OFF.

    Staples has an out the door price for $ 249....TEMPTING.

    An EBAY reseller has sealed boxes that tend to go for around $220.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Are you sure Staples was selling the Treo 300 for $250 out the door? When I was shopping around, they were selling it for $500 with the Sprint $200 MIR and a Staples $50 MIR to make it $250 after rebates. However I found it at Micro Center for $350 out the door. I pricematched at CompUSA who sells for $400 so I wouldn't have to hike out to a Micro Center. So after I receive the Sprint rebate, it'll come down to $150.

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