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    Amazon has the $ 199 deal but requires 2 mail in rebates...ughhh

    Sprint Stores are at $299 out the door...but hard to walk away from $100.

    Best Buy has the same $299 requiring mail in rebates but offers the ability to buy the service plan for the likely day when you lid flips..OFF.

    Staples has an out the door price for $ 249....TEMPTING.

    An EBAY reseller has sealed boxes that tend to go for around $220.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Lost track of the forum...tried to luck...

    Moddy treat at will..

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    Pre-rebate price is down to $399, pre rebate, at compusa. says its "sold out" on the website, but most of their stores have inventory at the same price.

    The same $200 rebate directly from Sprint is offered. But, you need to activate and maintaiin a "new phone number" to get the rebate.

    Compusa also has a six months "same as cash" deferred payment plan if you use their credit card.
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    CompUSA has it for $400, MicroCenter had it for $350 on sale, I'm not sure if it still is. CompUSA was closer for me, so I had them pricematch. Then I sent in the $200 Sprint rebate to bring it down to $150.
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    How about a 270, anyone know where to get a good deal? They should be dropping like rocks given the upcoming 600. Might be a good time to buy one (for us not so early adopters).


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