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    If I buy a new 300 and then move in a month...will Sprint issue me a new number in my home area code..or am I commiting to the ORIGNAL service number for the entire agreement period?

    Any charges if a transfer is permitted?

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    If you activate the phone now and get a local phone number, there should be no problem changing the number to one that's local in the area you move to. When you sign an agreement, you agree to keep an account open and pay for it for 12 or 24 months, not keep a particular phone number. They should change the number and area code free of charge.
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    They'll change the number for you, but what sucks is they have no means of putting the standard recording on the line saying "the number you have called, 440.555.1212, has been changed. Calls are being taken by 215.555.1212."

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    when my girlfriend moved from virginia to NYC last year, they wouldn't let her change her number, unless she signed up for a new service plan.

    this of course, was a more expensive service plan than the one she had already, so she just kept the original number.

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    Wo! First let me ask, what's with that full screen pop ad that appears when I'm trying to reply?! I'm not liking that at all.

    Second, when I moved from North Jersey to Cleveland they had no problem assigning me a new number and I stayed on the original plan - month to month actually - until the Treo came out and I committed to a Vision plan. Like everything at Sprint there are probably no clear rules, just a bunch of people interpreting policies and procedures as they see fit.


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