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    PCWorld's latest online newsletter was about CEbit and included front page and an additional page about the treo600. nothing really new but what the heck, let's see how we can disect this one...,00.asp
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    PCWorld has sooo many errors in its artice is ridiculous. Checkout this quote from the following article:

    The Treo 600 should represent a strong competitor to Samsung's I600, which Sprint is expected to release shortly.

    The I600 is a clamshell that has no keyboard, allowing it to be much narrower than the Treo. When flipped shut, the I600 is significantly shorter, although a bit thicker. However, the I600 is based on version 4 of the Palm operating system, uses a much less powerful processor than the Treo 600, and lacks the SD expansion slot present on most newer Palms. So far, Samsung has not announced plans for a GSM/GPRS version of the I600.
    They obviously mixed up the "I600" for either the SPH/SGH-i500, who knows! Very sloppy editting IMO. The SCH-i600 is actually a M$ smartphone mobile...

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