I purchased PDA Net 2.0 about a week ago before going on vacation...and thought I would share some thoughts.

1. Basically, it works.
2. It's faster than dialup...but with my Treo 300 on Sprint...not all that much faster.
3. Both the Palm and Desktop Clients have proven to be a bit unstable at times...causing XP Pro and/or the Palm to crash at times.

My desktop is a new Dell Inspirion 1100 laptop running XP Pro with SP1 and latest criticals installed. I use latest IE, OE and AIM for the most part.

My treo 300 has 2 hacks running with X. backlight and clock pop.

From time to time XP will crash to the the BSOD with a USB related error (Palm is the only device on the USB Port). This has happened about a dozen times over the past week. Without the software this machine had never crashed.

The Palm will just reset sometimes while using PDA Net. No warning...just reset. This happened before and after applying the latest updater from handspring.

Speed. I have measured it on several tests several times and almost always get about a 65K download and 35K upload average speed. Signal isn't fantastic here...so speed could be better elsewhere. This is generally better than any dial-up connection I could get so...while not the true 3G experience...certainly nice. It also allowed me to be online without tying up my phone line (POTS) while at my vacation home.

hope this helps someone...