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    I just installed the SMS software from and it's a trial version for like 5 days. After that time when I go ahead and purchase the software how does Sprint charge me?

    Also you know the green arrows that indicate you are syndicating, are they supposed to always be on? Because right now they are and I'm not sending any messages or receiving any. What does that mean? Am I being charged?
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    You don't get charged for any incremental data transmission so long as you have the $10/mo vision plan.
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    If you are on an unlimited Vision plan (I think that's all there is), then incoming SMS is also unlimited. Treo300SMS (I presume that's the software you mention) uses a data connection for outgoing SMS, so that's included in your unlimited plan as well.

    The green arrows indicate that your Treo 300 is actively sending or receiving data. But the onscreen indicator can sometimes not show the correct state. I know that in some software it will show it as green but it really isn't active. If it is indeed green for a long time, the back of the phone should get a bit warm.

    Incidently there is a problem sometimes which we have labeled turbo drain syndrome. That's where the data connection gets stuck and the phone may drain the batteries fairly quickly, perhaps in less than an hour. It sucks. You may or may not be experiencing that, because as I said, the green arrow indicator can also get stuck.

    BTW, these two issues have NOT been fixed by the recent upgrade.
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    Actually there is a second vision plan (I am on it !) that charges you 2cent per KB. I would download the application form the same site that you got the SMS software from that actually counts the amount of data you have sent/received. I beleive its called KBCounter or someting like that
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    Sorry its called KBTracker. You can find it here,


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