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    Do we know if the utilities (TC Ringer, TREOCallerID, etc) will work on the 600?

    I don't own any of these just jet, but I will need stuff to fill up 32megs of mem.:-)
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    since most of that stuff is palm based programming, i would say that it should work, though of course relative to the ringtones in particular, that would more have to do with how the radio functions rather than the rest of the unit. as it stands, aside from some of the real 300 specific stuff like tcringer, most of these utilities work on other palm based units also.

    personally, i hope the ringtones work, otherwise i won't be able to retire early on sales of my ringtone collections. so far, i've been able to eat at mcdonald's twice and IHOP once with what i've sold for the 300
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    Treo CallerID I think might become obsolete. I remember reading that the Phone Book app will have that capability built-in.

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