View Poll Results: Would you rather the new Treo 600 have a flip (new & re-designed) or no flip at all?

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  • Yes, but only if it was completely sturdy.

    44 38.60%
  • Maybe, but I'd have to see it first.

    28 24.56%
  • No, never again!!!

    42 36.84%
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    My one-handed way of closing the lid involves me closing it with 2 hands. I simply hold it in the very same hand I've been holding it in while I was talking on it, then I use my other hand and close the lid. I think its easy, even if there's something in that other hand.
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    I used to have a nextsmell flip. I was always breaking it during a bad connection because I would press it harder against my head to hear better...kinda like when you are playing a video game and you move the whole controller around instead of just pressing the buttons. I don't even like the flip on my 6035. If you are going to have a flip it needs to be STURDY. And the only way I see it being made sturdy enough is if it has function. If you have held a Kyo 7135 in your hand you know what I mean.
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    I personally don't like the flip cover because of the previously mentioned one-handed difficulties.

    If, however, a flip just had to be present, my vote would be for a spring loaded flip. One press of a button and it's open. Alternatively it could slide down like in the Matrix.

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    I think the best solution would be an optional removable flip cover. Wouldn't that make almost everyone happy? The truth is, sometimes I would like to have the cover (when it's in my pocket, rolling around with keys and change), and sometimes I would want to take it off (e.g. hands-free in the car). If it were a built-in part of the phone, I would be too worried about it breaking.

    I have also perfected the one-handed finger flip trick, just like I did with my Zippo lighter back in college. It's not that big a hassle really, and the ladies love it! But I think that with the Treo 600, it's all about versatility.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of innovative new cases and accessories are gonna be available for the Treo 600.

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    for me. I use screen protectors and belt clip cases so I don't need a lid. I also like putting it in my pocket with nothing else so the face doesn't get scratched. I know I will love the new design. But if it can't do PQAs, I might hold off until the price drops or until they find a web clipping solution.
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