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    Recently I purchased a Jabra Wireless headset from
    The quality of the headset was terrible. There were background noises, and I had to turn the volume up on the headset in order to hear the other end voices, but if the volume is set either at high or even mid; I started to hear echoing.

    After trying to use the unit for 3 days, I decided to return it back to
    They claimed they have a 7 days return customer satisfaction return policy. I ordered the unit in June 3rd, didn’t receive it until June 11th
    Sent an email request for a return merchandise number on June 14th I received a respond from their customer services stating that I have gone beyond their 7 days return policy.

    After several messages back and forth with their customer services, and I wouldn’t mind to keep the unit if they offer some ideas to help resolve the problems, but instead all I was told that I’m out of luck, and the worst part of all, their customer service rep was rude. He was giving me an attitude for not understanding their return policies
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    Here's their return policy, from their website:

    Return Policy: Your satisfaction is our priority! If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may return for a full refund, less any shipping charges within 7 days of receipt. Your item must be returned "LIKE NEW" and "COMPLETE" with all original packing and manuals. Items must be PRE-AUTHORIZED prior to return. Upon request, we will then issue a Return Authorization Number (RA #) which MUST be on the outside of your return box. Items without an RA number will be refused delivery. Please send all returns via a carrier who provides you with tracking, and delivery confirmation. We are not liable for lost items, if you do not have proof of delivery

    "7 days of receipt" means seven days after you received it.

    They say they ship UPS you have access to records of the delivery date. If you sent email on 6/14 then you're in the clear.

    I'd send another email with their return policy copied in, highlighting the "& days of reciept", your tracking number with the delivery information copied from UPS, and your original email of 6/14 requesting an RA#.

    They claim they meet "all BBBOnLine Reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards and is authorized to display the BBBOnLine Reliability seal". I somehow doubt their behavior follows the BBB guidelines.

    If they are at all reasonable (sounds like they're not) they'll issue you an RA#. If they are still hassling you, then they are certainly scumbags and I'd let them know that you are contacting the BBB as well as their local District Attorney, and dispatch correspondence to both.

    Did you buy via Credit Card? If so, I'd call the card company and explain the situation, and that you want to know whether they can reverse or at least hold the charge. I'm not sure what he policies/laws are on this, but I think it's doable.

    If they do issue and RA#, I'd send the headset back in a manner that requires signature, and sends you a receipt of signature. I'd also worry about *when* they'd refund you - you might weeks and weeks to get the credit back.

    There are too many scumbag companies, online or otherwise, out there. These guys probably expect you to just give up. I have a low tolerance for unethical business behavior and usually go out of my way to make life difficult for the dirtbags, especially if they've wasted a substantial amount my time.

    My 2c,

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    Thanks for the advised.

    I agreed with you about them expecting consumers like us would give up trying to return the merchandise. It does require a lot of time and energy to deal with this type of dishonest vendor.

    I posted this message to inform everyone out there about the bad experience with and hopefully provide a “heads up” to anyone out there consider purchasing from them.

    Thanks again.

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