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    The 600 like the previous Treos seems mainly aimed at the Enterprise market and rightfully so. However, as grad student and future academic I use the Treo not as a mobile office but as my One Device, if you will. It is not my mobile phone but my only phone. Not my mobile computer but my only home computer. Not my mobile internet and email but my only personal internet access. I am excited about the 600 but I am more excited about advanced multimedia options that would allow me to use the Treo as my only music device and my only video recording device. Heck I'd love the option to download science channel specials and jeproady episodes so that the Treo could be my only TV.
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    I think you are going to have problems with that. You basically need a computer to use a Palm with any success. While it may be possible to install software over email or the web (using SnapperMail and Xiino, respectively), it certainly is painful. I don't know how you are going to use it as a music device without a computer to download MP3s.

    I guess in short: you are going to have to wait a few more years before something comes along that satisfies all your needs.
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    Yeah I have access to computers at work. I just don't have one at home. Plus the sweetness of snappermail is that I can just mail sa lot things to the palm without having to mess around with the cable all of the time. I hoping for a Blazer that will allow me to download stuff as well.
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    Before I got the Treo, I had a Handera. I can't remember when that little guy ever made it to Hotsync. I used a card reader at work for all my transfer needs. And backup was instantaneous on my card. I've missed expansion and the hi-res screen more than anything on my Treo. Good to get one back.

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